Collagen Purifying Mask (8g set)

CPM 8g

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Collagen Purifying Mask (8g set)

Facial Detoxification
The nature’s way to detoxification. The Collagen Purifying Mask can manage to remove dirt and pore blocking substances from skin pores, enable them to breath naturally once more.

Cleanse, smooth, firm up and rejuvenate skins and complexion.

1. Promote detoxification
2. Lighten pigmentations
3. Smoothens wrinkles
4. Tighten pores
5. Improve skin tone
6. Whiten skin
7. Regulate oil production
8. Remove acne
9. Defers aging
10. Restore elasticity

1. Wash face and neck with ‘Pearl Soap’. Wash twice to clean the face and neck thoroughly. Rinse off with water after washing.
2. Wipe face and neck with a tissue. Make sure face and neck are completely dry and clean.
3. Put 2-3 level scoops of ‘Collagen Purifying Powder’ and 10-13 pumps of ‘Purifying Solution’ into bowl. Mix evenly.
4. Use ‘Brush’ to spread the solution mixture on forehead and nose. Avoid the area around eye and eyebrows.
5. Place ‘Fiber Paper Mask on forehead and nose.
6. Continue to spread the solution mixture on cheek and chin.
7. Place ‘Fiber Paper Mask’ on cheek and chin.
8. Spread another layer of solution mixture on top of the ‘Fiber Paper Mask’ (face part).
9. Spread the solution mixture on neck.
10. Place ‘Fiber Paper Mask’ on neck.
11. Spread another layer of solution mixture on top of the ‘Fiber Paper Mask’ (neck part).
12. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes or until dry.
13. Peel off the dried ‘Fiber Paper Mask’ from face and neck.
14. Lastly, rinse off with water.
15. It is advisable to use this procedure once a week.

1. Collagen Purifying Powder (8g)
2. Purifying Solution (30ml)
3. Fiber Paper Mask (8sets)
4. Brush
5. Bowl