About Lion Best

LION BEST SDN BHD (A Member of The Lion Group) was established in December 1989, is a Malaysia-based health, beauty and lifestyle company. The company is located in the vicinity of Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

Lion Best is endowed with a solid and resourceful financial background, quality products, and proven marketing plan. In line with business philosophy of operating in perpetuity, Lion Best continue to pursue an ever-higher quality of service as well as to develop products of superior quality, hence offering extensive network of distributors a truly risk-free business opportunity.

The core product – Vitarite Gold Oral Liquid (Vitarite Gold) is a health preparation which has been marketed by Lion Best since 1989. The distributorship of Vitarite Gold was undertaken by Lion Group Chairman & CEO Datuk Seri Utama William Cheng in 1989 after he witnessed his ill friend regained health after taking Vitarite Gold.

Vitarite Gold is a non-alcoholic tonic formulated in accordance to an exclusive Ayurvedic formulation using 15 types of precious herbs as ingredients. It promotes health and energy, and strengthens natural defence systems in accordance to the principles of Ayuverdic which promotes long term health benefits. The properties of Vitarite Gold make it especially good for men and women.