Helen Tan – Stomach Troubles / Leg Cramps

Helen Tan – Stomach Troubles / Leg Cramps

“After 3 weeks of consuming Vitarite Gold Oral Liquid, not only my cramps have improved, I also felt much better. My long-suffering stomach problems have been eased too!”

My spine was injured due to an accident in 2011. Since then, I began to suffer from leg cramps and have difficulties standing for a long time as well as walking long distance. Once the cramps happened, I needed the aid of my maid to massage the areas to soothe the pain. During that time, I consulted many well-known doctors, yet they were unable to cure my illness completely. One day, Steven sent me few bottles of Vitarite Gold and I gave it a try.

After drinking about half a bottle, the cramps became more serious. At first, I was going to give up, but Steven told me that it was the phenomenon of Improved Response to the body and encouraged me to continue taking.  So I endured the pain and consumed a bottle on average each week. After 3 weeks of consumption, not only my cramps were improving, I feel much better too.

Another good news is that Vitarite Gold has also cured my long-suffering stomach problems! Finally, I can enjoy my favorite tea and coffee which I had refrained from previously.

Helen Tan – 胃病/ 腿抽筋