Ong Ang Chin - Stroke

Ong Ang Chin – Stroke / Amnesia

“I had a stroke previously. After consuming one bottle of Vitarite Gold Oral Liquid, I became energetic and no longer complain of being cold. My memory is getting better too.

I suffered stroke since two years age. I got tired and felt cold easily, while my memory also began to decline. Sometimes I forgot the way back after a trip to the hotel’s washroom. I even failed to recognize my wife and had to rely on voice recognition.

Then, Steven introduced me to Vitarite Gold, I gave it a try despite having a low confidence on the product. Unexpectedly, I felt its effect after consuming only the first bottle. I became energetic and no longer afraid of the cold. My memory is getting better too.

After taking few bottles of Vitarite Gold continuously, my stroke has not recurred, and now I can drive to and fro from Alor Setar to Kuala Lumpur! When I went for my medical check-up, the doctors were amazed that I could recover so fast.

Ong Ang Chin – 脑中风 / 健忘症